We know every organization is different.

From defining your key stakeholders to identifying opportunities to engage with them. Our experts guide your organization through this essential journey with future-proof engagement strategies as a result.

  1. Identify your crowd

    With our stakeholder-based approach we lay the blueprint of your potential crowd.

  2. What drives your crowd

    Persona building and activating exercises to discover the true drivers of your crowd.

  3. How to engage your crowd

    Define opportunities for your people and make the right impact/effort trade-off.

  4. Tools to engage your crowd

    Our multifaceted toolbox allows us to find the right fit with your strategy.

  5. Plan of execution

    Match your opportunities and crowd in a timeline and add communication ingredients.

Discover our workshop packs

Pack 1

Opportunity exploration and selection.

  • Small non-profits
  • Local associations
  • Small cities & communes

Pack 2

Establishing your complete strategic plan for crowd engagement.

  • Mid-size non-profits
  • Large non-profits

Pack 3

More strategical guidance possibilities.

  • Website design trajectories
  • Financial crowdfunding workshops
  • Citizen participation strategy workshops
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