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Who is RaiseNow?

RaiseNow, based in Switzerland and Germany, has always been driven by a vision to enable organisations to make a positive impact in a digitalised world.

As a powerful, all-encompassing fundraising solution, they’ve uplifted the missions of numerous charities and nonprofits by providing a more efficient and user-friendly platform for collecting donations. From online donation and payment processing to seamless tool integrations, RaiseNow caters to all nonprofit needs.

They support over 6,000 global organisations worldwide – such as Save the Children International, Amnesty, UNICEF and WWF- processing over 14 million transactions and a donation volume of over 800 million euros.

Why does Koalect merge with RaiseNow?

The merger of RaiseNow and Koalect signifies a pivotal shift in the digital fundraising landscape. While it includes consolidating resources, it’s equally about aligning goals, visions, and strategic objectives. Our shared ambition is to become the European market leader and be our customers’ most trusted partner.

Both entities have carved their niches, with RaiseNow pioneering fundraising and payment technology since 2013 and Koalect revolutionising crowd engagement from Belgium. Together, we promise a synergy that will redefine industry paradigms.

What does Koalect’s future look like?

Koalect’s future is poised for significant growth and expansion. With the merger with RaiseNow, Koalect is strategically positioned to amplify its impact in the digital fundraising landscape. Here are some key aspects of Koalect’s future:

  • Legal Continuity: Koalect remains legally unchanged. This ensures that all existing agreements, partnerships, and client relationships continue seamlessly.
  • Unified Leadership: The board of directors now consists of a team of Koalect and RaiseNow founders. This leadership merger brings together diverse expertise and a shared vision for the future.
  • Enhanced Technological Capabilities: Koalect will benefit from the combined technological capabilities of both entities. This means faster innovation, more robust platforms, and the introduction of new features tailored to the evolving needs of our customers.
  • Broader Geographic Reach: Koalect has already made its mark in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. However, the merger will facilitate our expansion into new territories, including more profound penetration into markets where RaiseNow has a strong presence.
  • Resource Augmentation: Koalect will see an influx of resources, both in terms of human capital and technological assets. This will bolster its R&D capabilities, customer support, and operational efficiency.
  • Preservation of Core Values: While there are many new developments, Koalect will continue to uphold its core values and principles. The company’s commitment to enabling change-makers and fostering positive societal impact remains unwavering.
  • Integration within the RaiseNow team: While Koalect will retain its values of the Koalect brand identity and unique value propositions, it will also become an integral part of the RaiseNow team. This integration will bring synergies to benefit Koalect’s existing and future customers.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Koalect’s dedication to its clients will continue and be enhanced. Clients can expect more tailored solutions and a broader range of offerings to cater to their diverse needs.

In summary, Koalect’s future is one of growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact in digital fundraising. The merger with RaiseNow is not just a new chapter but a significant leap forward in Koalect’s journey to

What does this mean for the Koalect team?

The core team you’ve come to know and trust at Koalect remains on board. Furthermore, as we join forces with RaiseNow, we’re excited to share that we will expand our talent pool in the product and business teams.

What does this mean in terms of resources?

Our resources will grow in the following months and years. This expansion signifies Koalect’s transformation into a European company, and we will contribute to our joint goal to become the European market leader in fundraising technology. 

What does this mean in terms of geographic presence?

This partnership opens up exciting opportunities for Koalect to extend its reach and offer our services to European organisations, specifically in France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

How do you anticipate the integration of both company cultures?

Both teams are deeply passionate about their customers and their overarching mission. We share a vision of a just world where everyone has equal access to essential resources, education, and freedom. By integrating our cultures, we aim to amplify our impact.

What immediate benefits can customers and suppliers expect from this merger?

Koalect customers will gain access to RaiseNow’s innovative solutions and benefit from their expertise across more European markets. Suppliers and partners will work with Europe’s most extensive R&D team for fundraising technology.

Are there any immediate plans to change the pricing of products from either company?

No, there are no plans to change the pricing of products from either RaiseNow or Koalect. We encourage you to contact support@koalect.com or your respective account manager for detailed information and assistance with any specific inquiries or further questions regarding pricing.

Will any products be discontinued as a result of the merger?

Both companies value the unique offerings they bring to the table, and the intention is to leverage the strengths of both to serve our clients better. We will consolidate our engineering and harmonise our offering if there are overlapping features or redundant services. 

Will the Koalect team relocate to RaiseNow’s office in Zürich or Berlin?

The Koalect team will continue to operate from their current location in Genval.

Furthermore, our commitment to a remote-first setup remains unwavering. This approach gives our teams the flexibility and freedom they value, allowing them to adapt to individual needs and ensuring we can attract and retain the best talent irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Beyond market expansion and resource sharing, what are the strategic benefits of this merger for Koalect?

The merger with RaiseNow goes beyond expanding our market reach and sharing resources. It aligns perfectly with Koalect’s mission and vision for the future, deepening mission alignment, enhancing technology and efficiency, scaling for excellence, expanding the product portfolio, and more.

Do you anticipate any immediate cost reductions or increases due to the merger?

The merger between RaiseNow and Koalect will bring about several cost synergies, including operational efficiencies, shared resources, bulk purchasing power, and R&D synergies. We will invest every cost reduction into product development. 

How will client accounts be managed post-merger?

Post-merger, our primary focus is to ensure continuity to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Existing customers will continue to receive the dedicated service they have come to expect and will benefit from the expanded portfolio that the merger brings.

Between similar products of RaiseNow and Koalect, which ones are considered superior?

RaiseNow and Koalect have established themselves as leaders in their respective domains, bringing unique strengths. We will consolidate our engineering and harmonise our offering if there are overlapping features or redundant services. 

Which products from both companies are being retained post-merger?

Post-merger, there are no immediate plans to discontinue any products from RaiseNow or Koalect, ensuring that clients continue to benefit from the comprehensive suite of solutions developed and refined over the years. This decision underscores our commitment to providing consistent value and service to our clients, leveraging the strengths and expertise of both entities. 

How will existing customer contracts be affected by the merger?

Existing customer contracts will remain valid and in effect. The merger is designed to enhance the value we provide to our clients, and we are committed to honouring all existing agreements, terms, and conditions; this includes billing intervals and payout dates. Clients can expect the same level of commitment, service, and support they have received in the past.


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