National Pyjama day

Bednet makes sure that children and youngsters who are absent for a shorter or longer period because of illness, surgery or pregnancy, can continue attending the lessons – from their home and with their own class group.

Every year they organise the National Pyjama day during which children go to school in their pyjamas to raise awareness on real-time distance education.

  • Non-profits
  • Crowdvoting tool
  • 2300 participating schools
  • +100.000 online votes
  • 400.000 emails

How we engage their crowd?

Almost every school in Flanders participated in the National Pyjamas day from Bednet. Teachers pre-registered their class online and posted a fun picture of their class in pyjamas on National Pyjama day. Teachers needed to collect as many votes as possible among the school community in order to win the voting competition.

This competition created a very strong social dynamic between teachers, parents, children and everybody involved in the school community. But more important it raised awareness on the right to learn and keep a place in the social environment of class groups.

Bednet wanted to raise online awareness and we gave them a voting platform with a strong social dynamic to do it.

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